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Example 001

About ⭐

This script queries the Material Project database for all ZnSnF6 structures with spacegroup=148 and then runs a (i) relaxation, (ii) static-energy, and (iii) bandstructure + density of states calculation on each -- passing the results between each step.

Key Info
Contributor Becca Radomsky
Github User @becca9835
Last updated 2023.05.01
Simmate Version v0.13.2

Prerequisites 🚨

  • use a postgres database (guide)
  • load the matproj database into your postgres database (guide)
  • start a bunch of simmate workers (or a "cluster") (guide)

The script 🚀


We recommend submitting this script as it's own slurm job! This script will handle submitting other workflows and will finish when ALL workflows finish.

Additionally, we run each job below with 8 cores, so our workers are also submitted to a SLURM cluster with n=8.

from simmate.database import connect
from simmate.database.third_parties import MatprojStructure
from simmate.workflows.utilities import get_workflow

# filter all the structures you want
structures = MatprojStructure.objects.filter(

# submit relaxations to cluster
relax_workflow = get_workflow("relaxation.vasp.matproj")
relax_jobs = []
for structure in structures:
    status = relax_workflow.run_cloud(
        command="mpirun -n 8 vasp_std > vasp.out",

# as jobs finish, submit a static-energy for each
static_workflow = get_workflow("static-energy.vasp.matproj")
static_jobs = []
for job in relax_jobs:
    status = static_workflow.run_cloud(
        # BUG: This assumes all jobs will complete successfully!
        command="mpirun -n 8 vasp_std > vasp.out",

# as jobs finish, submit a band structure + density of states
elec_workflow = get_workflow("electronic-structure.vasp.matproj-full")
elec_jobs = []
for job in static_jobs:
    status = elec_workflow.run_cloud(
        command="mpirun -n 8 vasp_std > vasp.out",

# wait for all results to finish
results = [job.result() for job in elec_jobs]