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Navigating Simmate's Command-Line Interface

Just as we used conda --help earlier, we can also use --help with Simmate. Begin by running the command:

simmate --help

The following output should be displayed:

 Usage: simmate [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...                                                                     

 This is the primary command from which all other Simmate commands originate. If you're new to the command line, we recommend starting with our tutorials. Below, you'll find a list of sub-commands to try. For instance, you can run `simmate database --help` to learn more about it.                  

 TIP: Many Simmate commands are lengthy and verbose. You can use --install-completion to add ipython-like autocomplete to your shell.                                                                                    

--install-completion          Install completion for the current shell.                                      
--show-completion             Show completion for the current shell, to copy it or customize the installation.                                                                  
--help                        Show this message and exit.                                                    

database         A group of commands for managing your database                                              
engine           A group of commands for starting up computational resources (Workers, Agents, and Clusters)          
run-server       Runs a local test server for the Simmate website interface                                  
start-project    Creates a new folder and fills it with an example project to get you started with custom Simmate workflows/datatables                                                                
utilities        A group of commands for various simple tasks (such as file handling)                        
workflows        A group of commands for running workflows or viewing their settings                         

As you can see, there are numerous other commands like simmate database and simmate workflows that we will delve into in later tutorials.