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Quick Start

  1. Download and install anaconda

  2. Set up a conda environment, install Simmate within it, and activate it. (Note: We recommend using Spyder as your IDE, but it's not mandatory)

    conda create -n my_env -c conda-forge python=3.11 simmate
    conda install -n my_env -c conda-forge spyder  # optional but recommended
    conda activate my_env


    If the environment takes more than 2 minutes to resolve, you might be using an outdated version of conda. Ensure your conda version is updated (>=23.10.0) to utilize the new libmamba solver.


    Simmate is also available via pip install simmate, but because of our many dependencies, we recommend sticking with conda.

  3. Run the help command to verify the installation

    simmate --help

  4. For first-time setup, initialize your local database (SQLite)

    simmate database reset

  5. Start the local dev server and keep this command running

    simmate run-server

  6. Visit to access your local server