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PyMatGen Sites & Species


This page provides a concise list of available properties and methods, grouped by topic.

Refer to Pymatgen's API docs for detailed descriptions.


Make sure you understand the difference between object classifications:

  • Element: The fundamental chemical component (e.g., Na or Cl).
  • Species: A singular chemical entity, encompassing an Element, Ion, Molecule, or Cluster. Essentially, a species can be an individual element or a set of associated elements. Additionally, it may contain extra information about the element(s), such as charge and bonding.
  • Site: A Species with xyz coordinates in free space (without a lattice). It includes orientation information if multiple atoms are present in the Species.
  • PeriodicSite: A Species with xyz coordinates relative to an associated lattice. This also includes orientation details if multiple atoms are part of the Species.


(basic single crystals)

If your Structure object represents the unit cell for NaCl, it contains two PeriodicSites: one for Na and one for Cl, both of type Element.

Optionally, you can replace the Element types with Ion types: Na+ and Cl-.

Since these are single-atom Species, there's no need to worry about orientation (i.e., rotating the atom has no effect).


(advanced molecular crystals and beyond)

If you have a crystal structure with ethanol intercalated between graphite, your Structure object has several ways to define its PeriodicSites.

  1. each atom is its own PeriodicSite, represented by an Element type
  2. there are two PeriodicSite types: (i) a Molecule type for all ethanol molecules and (ii) an Element type for all carbons part of the graphite.
  3. ... and more! Choose what makes sense for your application. NOTE: Options 1 and 2 should cover the majority of cases.

Periodic Sites


To access the PeriodicSite objects from a Structure:

sites = structure.sites

for site in structure:
    #... do something


  • as_dict
  • from_dict
  • to_json
  • to_unit_cell


  • x
  • y
  • z
  • a
  • b
  • c
  • coords
  • frac_coords
  • position_atol
  • lattice (matches between all sites in Structure)

Basic Properties

  • is_ordered
  • is_periodic_image
  • properties
  • specie
  • species
  • species_string


distance distance_and_image distance_and_image_from_frac_coords distance_from_point

JSON utils

unsafe_hash validate_monty_v1 validate_monty_v2

(under dev sections)

  • Element
  • Species